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Oxford’s Torment: The Latest Chapter in the Shakespeare Mystery.

If the rose were a pose, how sweet would that smell?The enduring mystery of William Shakespeare, poet and playwright, has become a little less mysterious. It may be that we can never fully plumb the genius of our ever-living Bard, … Continue reading

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Can’t get your baby what she wants for #ValentinesDay? Give her #poetry instead.

This is what she really wants. This is masculine leadership, and this is evangelizing egoism, both because this is egoism in action.

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Celebrating humanity for the New Year: You are as large as you want to be, as good as you choose to be.

My observation for the New Year, left as a comment at The Atlantic. It’s plausible to me that my remarks will incite ugly displays of self-loathing, but that’s what I get for speaking up there. Here is my note, a … Continue reading

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What a difference a quarter-century makes: A video tour of Las Vegas Boulevard in 1988.

By way of, a 25 minute video exploring the Paradise Strip and Las Vegas Boulevard in January of 1988: From the creator of the video: Las Vegas Strip street drive from 1988. I taped this from the car window … Continue reading

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Start the day dancing: Waiting For My Real Life To Begin by Colin Hay

Any minute now… I heard this in the movie Morning Glory — a charming send-up of early-morning “news” shows. My kind of movie: Everyone is a better person in the end. I laughed all the way through, and I loved … Continue reading

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Hallelujah! A book about about a single song is the ultimate tribute to the genius of Leonard Cohen.

The baffled king composing Hallelujah? It turns out it was Leonard Cohen. Start here: From The Atlantic Monthly, How Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah Became Everybody’s Hallelujah. That article is an overview of a new book by Alan Light, The Holy or … Continue reading

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Memo to Hollywood: Your time is up. No one will pay a premium price for a leering, sneering wink.

A comment from an LA Times story insisting that TV is not either dead: Paul G Newton at 11:46 PM December 03, 2012 I believe that the networks will, no must, embrace the new media. In the past few years … Continue reading

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