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Oxford’s Torment: The Latest Chapter in the Shakespeare Mystery.

If the rose were a pose, how sweet would that smell?The enduring mystery of William Shakespeare, poet and playwright, has become a little less mysterious. It may be that we can never fully plumb the genius of our ever-living Bard, … Continue reading

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Mahna Mahna and the narrative power of mothertongue.

This is brilliant farce every way I look at it, a clinic on comic film-making. It uses almost no words to tell you the same joke again and again and makes you laugh every time.

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Celebrating humanity for the New Year: You are as large as you want to be, as good as you choose to be.

My observation for the New Year, left as a comment at The Atlantic. It’s plausible to me that my remarks will incite ugly displays of self-loathing, but that’s what I get for speaking up there. Here is my note, a … Continue reading

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Memo to Hollywood: Your time is up. No one will pay a premium price for a leering, sneering wink.

A comment from an LA Times story insisting that TV is not either dead: Paul G Newton at 11:46 PM December 03, 2012 I believe that the networks will, no must, embrace the new media. In the past few years … Continue reading

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Guerrillas in our midst: An anthropologist studies the hacker movement — and goes native.

From Wired magazine: When you’re starting off as an anthropologist, you aim is to explore a subculture your peers have yet to uncover, spending years living with the locals and learning their ways. That’s what Gabriella Coleman did. She went … Continue reading

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Salman Khan talks to Charlie Rose about the founding of the Khan Academy.

Commenting on this post on the Khan Academy, Joe Brady fingered this YouTube video, Salman Khan talking to Charlie Rose about the origins of the Khan Academy:  Further notice: Salman Khan’s book on the Khan Academy experience: The One World … Continue reading

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Imagine no schoolteachers: Salman Khan brings free on-line education to anyone who wants it.

The quotes below are culled from an interview with Salman Khan in MIT’s Technology Review, which I saw by way of Instapundit. I’ve reversed the order of the questions and answers I’m highlighting, putting them in their order of importance … Continue reading

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