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Stop! Thief!

From an opinion piece I wrote in the North County Times. Any comments or suggestions about how to address the commenters is much appreciated. The recession has taken its toll on every working American, from the entry-level employee to the … Continue reading

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Hey, Wisconsin: Here’s a better idea: Divest your state of its education monopoly!

I’m totally digging the contretemps in Wisconsin. My take is that a lot of formerly-innocent Americans are seeing the naked grasping of Rotarian Socialism in a new way. Even without 2008, I think most people got it that business and … Continue reading

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Obama speaks: Why lumberjacks, schoolteachers and bankers need unions.

A Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Willie story “It’s important to remember. That public service. Is a great sacrifice.” “Good… Good…” Manny Kant said that. “Most of the government employees I know. Are at their desks. As early as ten every morning. And … Continue reading

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A valentine for Cathleen.

I want to be the man she sees when she looks at me. That’s a country song, ain’t it? It’s the first line of the hook. That’s fun for me, and everything like that is fun for me, but it’s … Continue reading

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