Oxford’s Torment: The Latest Chapter in the Shakespeare Mystery.

If the rose were a pose, how sweet would that smell?

If the rose were a pose, how sweet would that smell?

The enduring mystery of William Shakespeare, poet and playwright, has become a little less mysterious.

It may be that we can never fully plumb the genius of our ever-living Bard, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t muck around in the basement. You never know what you’ll find down there.

Witness: We now have in our possession the long hypothesized ‘lost works’ of Edward de Vere, Seventeenth Earl of Oxford. Oxford has been regarded by heretics and assorted lunatics as the true author of the works of Shakespeare. This myth can finally be laid to rest.

Marvel at the genius of Shakespeare! Defenders of the Swan of Avon have always been hard put to explain how a glove-maker’s son from a provincial back-water – a man who may not even have known how to read – could have written the sublime corpus we know as The Works of William Shakespeare. What life experiences led the glove-maker’s son to his subject matter? What intensive education lent him his deep erudition? How can the paired and parallel sonnet cycles be reconciled with his seemingly mundane life history?

Literary scholars almost always attempt to excavate Continue reading

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Can’t get your baby what she wants for #ValentinesDay? Give her #poetry instead.

This is what she really wants. This is masculine leadership, and this is evangelizing egoism, both because this is egoism in action.

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How to Make Love Like It’s New Year’s Eve Every Day.

A videoblog post from The21Convention.com’s YouTube channel.

The cheat sheet? This is a deeply philosophical discussion of the bio-mechanics of instantaneous continuous multiple female orgasms.

Philosophy will never be more fun than this…

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Mahna Mahna and the narrative power of mothertongue.

This is brilliant farce every way I look at it, a clinic on comic film-making. It uses almost no words to tell you the same joke again and again and makes you laugh every time.

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The high-D diet: How to lose weight without even trying.

If all you want is the frosting, why eat the rest?

If all you want is the frosting, why eat the rest?

I’m a very high-D in the DISC system, a Driver. Compared with a highly-analytical C, I can make three mistakes and land on the perfect answer while the high-C is still building the spreadsheet to analyze mistake number one.

What does that mean in the context of losing weight? I ain’t counting calories, points or starch stats. My friend Richard Nikoley runs a very big Paleo-living blog, FreeTheAnimal.com, and I deeply admire the work he is doing there, but I have zero interest in thinking about food, much less obsessing about it. Food is something I consume while working in order to keep working. That’s all.

The consequences of habituated inattention will accrue, of course, with the result that I have been a slowly blossoming carnation since 1998, the last time I would say I was physically fit.

I started to reverse course about two years ago, losing weight steadily instead of steadily gaining. My diet secret? Not a diet, but simply a long-term change in my habits.

With that as introduction, I will give you my three quick ’n’ easy high-D diet prescriptions:

1. Eat half as much twice as often. Continue reading

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Start the day dancing: No Myth by Michael Penn.

What if I were Romeo in black jeans…?

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When I start a band, I’m going to call it…

Taster’s Choice.

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