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Excellent education news: A world without schoolteachers.

This is me, writing two years ago, when the iPad was first announced: The implication of a computer that can train its end-users how to use it is that teaching as a profession is dead. All teaching, at all levels. … Continue reading

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Are drug warriors high? Fisking an exceptionally bad argument against repealing the drug laws.

The American Spectator, at one time a serious magazine, has an amazingly bad argument against drug legalization up today. The actual purpose of the article is to slime Ron Paul, so it’s possible that the author does not actually believe … Continue reading

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Number Two from a Dancing Bear: American voters don’t rebel because they’re no smarter than fish!

I swear, you just can’t make this stuff up. The Wall street Journal insists that American democracy works (it does?) because voters are no smarter than fish: Why are democracies so vibrant even when composed of uninformed citizens? According to … Continue reading

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More number two: Liberals are from Fun Island, conservatives are from Cape Fear.

Urf. Further proof that your genes made you do it: In a series of experiments, researchers closely monitored physiological reactions and eye movements of study participants when shown combinations of both pleasant and unpleasant images. Conservatives reacted more strongly to, … Continue reading

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The New York Times does a big number two on your New Year’s Resolutions.

As before, there are only three kinds of social science “news” stories. When the “news” deigns to inform you of your nature or your mental acumen, the breathless revelation will come in one of these forms: 1. We now know … Continue reading

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Woof! Science discovers mothertongue and the “news” discovers a new way to insult your intelligence.

I’ve touched on this before, but it’s worthwhile to be explicit: There are three types of social science “news” stories: 1. We now know we know nothing! That is, scientists are so confused about everything, your illusions of intellectual confidence … Continue reading

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SplendorQuest: Someone to thrive with.

I wrote this nine years ago today, but it describes events that happened fourteen years ago. You’ll figure it out… This is my best-beloved and me yesterday: If you wonder what a gorgeous woman like that is doing with a … Continue reading

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