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Good news: Education is being wrested away from the unionized mis-educators.

I’ve been sitting on a bunch of good news links, and I’m passing them on in bulk: Schools bid farewell to textbooks, embrace iPads instead. John Stossel on some exciting alternatives to public schooling. More, from Stossel’s Stupid in America … Continue reading

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Want to cut the murder rate? It’s easy: Cut out the middle man and do the job yourself.

My friend Richard Nikoley runs a very popular paleo-living blog, His main focus is diet and fitness, but he is also an anarcho-capitalist, his thought falling in the same general neighborhood as mine or Jim Klein’s, and this influences … Continue reading

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Saturday Night Special: What are you doing to earn your orgasm?

Do you want to experience a total commitment to what you’re doing while you’re doing it? Have an orgasm. Do you want to live completely for your own values? Have an orgasm. Men: Do you want to pioneer previously undiscovered … Continue reading

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My friend, Jimmy Klein

I’m a terrible friend. I never conceal this fact. I am blessed to have friends better than I deserve, but I only get away with that vanity because friend is a catch-all word that means two different things: I am … Continue reading

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If the conversation of civilization is carried out in books, this eBook software re-invents the conversation.

I’m going to throw off a product idea in the hopes that someone builds it. I want this, but it’s more than I can take on on my own. What is it? Think of a social CMS, a book that … Continue reading

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How you came to be enslaved — and how you can free yourself.

We had a visit from an IRS agent last week. I was tied up, so my wife Cathleen dealt with him: He needed either me or our accountant to contact him. We’re five years behind in tax filings, but any … Continue reading

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Splendor on — and in spite of — Labor Day.

This is me looking back on looking back on a Labor Day a long time ago. The first extract was written on Labor Day, 2005, as the City of New Orleans was demonstrating for all of us that dependence on … Continue reading

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