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Egoism in action for Patriot’s Day: “Be who you are. Do what you want. Have what you love.”

This is an extract from a book I wrote called The Unfallen. Today is Patriot’s Day, the birthday of Gwendolyn Jones, the leading lady in the novel. In this segment, Gwen discusses how women cheat themselves of their own sovereignty … Continue reading

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Richard Mitchell: “Jefferson must have imagined an America in which all citizens would be able, when they felt like it, to address one another as members of the same class. That we cannot do so is a sore impediment to equality, but, of course, a great advantage to those who can use the English of power and wealth.”

Richard Mitchell, The Underground Grammarian, from Less Than Words Can Say: The invention of discursive prose liberated the mind of man from the limitations of the individual’s memory. We can now "know" not just what we can store in our … Continue reading

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“ObamaCare’s guiding principle, however, is not paternalism. It is about the government’s power to identify “public uses,” as contemplated by the Fifth Amendment, and then compel unwilling individuals to engage in conduct that would, in the government’s view, advance such uses.”

Anyone forced to buy health insurance will also be compelled to part with private property, i.e., private wealth, but unlike in: Kelo what he receives in return is what the government instructs him to receive, i.e. insurance from a private insurer, the content of which will be regulated, to some extent, by the Federal government. It is fair to ask, if the Constitution required amendment to authorize a Federal income tax which taxpayers must pay to avoid punishment, why should an amendment not also be a prerequisite to the implementation of ObamaCare?

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The Role of the Subjunctive in Ethics

The short answer is, “It’s all of it.” Yes, literally, just as it reads: Every instance of ethics and morality is built wholly of the subjunctive, and nothing else. What does this mean? Why is it true? That’s a slightly … Continue reading

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