Memo to Hollywood: Your time is up. No one will pay a premium price for a leering, sneering wink.

A comment from an LA Times story insisting that TV is not either dead:

Paul G Newton at 11:46 PM December 03, 2012
I believe that the networks will, no must, embrace the new media. In the past few years I went from making films occasionally to creating online content myself with budgets in the $300 range (yes it shows but come on!). We write our own scripts and film them with great cameras like DSLR’s and GoPro’s. The qualities of my films are not the same as the networks, YET! Five years ago I would not have even been able to dream of filming with any quality at all. Now, I am using the same technology used in Act of Valor and other Major Films! In Five more years I EXPECT to be creating the same quality as the studios without the costs and posting online where I will be selling my own advertising. The Networks and Cable companies are about to be overrun with competition. THANK GOD FOR IT! Why do I say that? I say that because the Major Movie Networks keep making sequels instead of original content. What happened to the glory days of taking a chance with the narrative? Well, dear studios, the time is upon us. Just wait and see… The little guys are about to take over the world.

You can issue caveats all day and I don’t care. Every viewer peeled away from passive video content is an emigrant Hollywood will not be able to entice back. As with print media, some companies will catch a clue, most won’t, but in the end it doesn’t matter: There is no way big-budget can compete with almost-no-budget. If a nod’s as good as a wink, who will pay a premium price for a leering, sneering Hollywood wink?

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