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Salman Khan talks to Charlie Rose about the founding of the Khan Academy.

Commenting on this post on the Khan Academy, Joe Brady fingered this YouTube video, Salman Khan talking to Charlie Rose about the origins of the Khan Academy:  Further notice: Salman Khan’s book on the Khan Academy experience: The One World … Continue reading

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Yo, poor boy! Stop sniveling. Compared to your grandparents, you are rich, rich, rich!

Don Boudreaux at Cafe Hayek, comparing the value of ordinary labor in Golden Age of the 19050s versus today: Refrigerator-freezer Sears’s lowest-priced no-frost refrigerator-freezer in 1956 had 9.6 cubic feet, in total, of space. It sold for $219.95. (You can … Continue reading

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YouTube is fast becoming my favorite TV station.

We got rid of cable TV earlier this year. When we’re actually interested in watching video, we select Netflix, DVDs and on-line streaming, in that order. To the extent that we were watching commercial/cable TV at all, it was the … Continue reading

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Imagine no schoolteachers: Salman Khan brings free on-line education to anyone who wants it.

The quotes below are culled from an interview with Salman Khan in MIT’s Technology Review, which I saw by way of Instapundit. I’ve reversed the order of the questions and answers I’m highlighting, putting them in their order of importance … Continue reading

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Start the day dancing: Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) by Edison Lighthouse

There’s something about her hand holding mine…

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Black Friday? Grey Thursday? Before the flood, a pensive Wednesday night at Walmart.

I love Walmart. I am very happy to call myself a member of the middle class, and I take huge delight in cruising the aisles at Walmart, scoping out all the incredible deals. I don’t buy a lot of stuff, … Continue reading

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Admiring human arrogance and abhorring the affectation of humility.

I’m in the process of re-purposing to make it more about the quest for Splendor, and that lizard seems like an excellent place to start. The photo was taken by my friend Cheryl Johnson, blogmother to thousands and champion … Continue reading

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