Delayed gratification: “Come Hither, Darling” is still to come.

Prepending further notice: I have not been back to this project for a few months, and I don’t know when I’ll get back to it. Everyone’s money has been refunded, and I’ll probably do something very different when I get my mind back on this book. –GSS

I am late finishing Come Hither, Darling, my forthcoming book about making immaculate love, and for this I apologize. I had planned to finish by April 15th, so I’m already 15 days late. I took time out to write a book of philosophy called Man Alive!, and I’m racing to get caught up on everything else.

Here’s the good news: If you read Man Alive!, it will make your whole life better, including your sex life. Meanwhile, if you are anxiously awaiting Come Hither, Darling, I should finish drafting this week, so I should be ready to ship books within a couple of weeks.

Come Hither, Darling is going to be an eBook — in PDF form for now — and it is for sale on a pre-release basis. I believe these ideas are worth paying for. If you agree, the price for the finished product will never be lower than it is right now. I plan to raise the price every time I write here about the book, so you will never have the opportunity to learn how to do the come-hither massage, along with everything else I have to teach, for less money than you can today.

Again, I am very sorry to keep you waiting. My own life is better — my thinking is clearer and my writing is better — because of Man Alive!, so my expectation is that the wait will turn out to have been worthwhile.

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