i took myself to the vet at the zoo
to measure my animal heat for you
he sounded my skull with a rap on my head
and said I might need psychiatry instead
the shrink had no patience for gross physiology
the shrink had no practical use for ontology
he said ‘i ponder imponderables both little and small
i measure immeasurables that aren’t there at all
if it’s fever or burning or a chilling condition
get out of my office go see a physician!’
the doctor was kind for a man in a hurry
i told him about you but he said ‘not to worry!
you think you’re the first guy with this problem i bet
take this prescription you coulda got from the vet’
i said ‘doc forgive me the thing is i’m not ill
it’s my thoughts it’s my passions my pastimes my will
that woman possesses me with love soft and sweet
from the ends of my hairs to the soles of my feet
i sleep her i dream her i wake her and then
she captures my soul for the whole day again
i seek no escape no! i am her belonging
i just want to know is this love or mere longing?’
he started to speak then he paused then reflected
he said ‘on its face this is oddly complected
here’s my son-in-law’s card what an ass what a jerk
he’s mostly no help but he sure needs the work’
the son-in-law worked from a dingy apartment
the off-off-off-off-campus physics department
he called me an idiot he called me a dope
then he took me to task with a spectroscope
but the answer he found was an answer divine
not love dear not lust but the two locked in twine
        for he saw my passion burning bright
        at every wavelength of heaven’s light

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