Reasons to be cheerful, Part 2.9: Marksmanship is a perfectible praxis.

Take note: If the shit really does hit the fan — which I do not expect to happen — fortune will surely favor the well-prepared mind.

No need to get fancy. Aim for the torso and don’t waste ammo.

Reasons to be cheerful
Reasons to be cheerful: Defying the specter of ugly fates.

Manifest your own destiny: You say you want a revolution? Yeah, well anyone can piss and moan about how bad everything is. If you want things to change, I’m making a stout effort to show you how to achieve revolutionary change — from the inside out. But your own efforts at self-improvement will bear sweeter fruit sooner if you share what you’re learning with other people who love to live. You’ve never heard anything like this before. Why would you hoard it to yourself?

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