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A dumpster diver’s Christmas

A dumpster diver’s Christmas A Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Willie story I can be counted upon to walk, after all. When everybody’s nowhere and even the laundromats are empty. When the respectable stores are closed and the line at the 24-Hour Slurp ‘n’ Burp is 15 deep with people craving cold beer and hot salsa and high-octane […] Continue reading

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What matters more — Attitude or Aptitude? I had always put my money on Application, but I realized the best bet is all three

I edited 1,407 files in 1,407 folders on Friday. Not by hand, mind you. That would have been a tedious and error-prone path to an inevitable suicide for someone like me. No, I built a spider to do the job, … Continue reading

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Hope and despair at the onset of economic recession: Who cares about the tunnel? All I can see is the light…

I don’t do well in despair. Clarify that. I don’t mean that, when I find myself in despair, I fare especially badly. What is mean is, if despair were a classroom discipline for which one could be tested and graded, … Continue reading

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“The world’s largest country is well along the way to forming an intellectual elite on a scale that the world has never seen…”

The Asia Times: America outspends China on defense by a margin of more than six to one, the Pentagon estimates. In another strategic dimension, though, China already holds a six-to-one advantage over the United States. Thirty-six million Chinese children study … Continue reading

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