Of demons and dragons

“Choose your corner, pick away at it carefully, intensely and to the best of your ability and that way you might change the world.”Charles Eames

“You gotta pick your battles”.-Mom

There are dragons at the drawbridge, there are demons inside the fortress. The goal is to understand which dragons are the threat and which demons must be purged.

Physical safety is mandatory. Health is a priority: Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health. Health, safety, and security must be maintained or created, the rest is going to depend on personality, time, desire. You gotta pick your battles, although, once health is attained the rest is simply a matter of balance.

I can’t do anything unless I’m brutally honest with myself about what is going on. What must be done? What should be done? What could be done? What can’t be done? How will it affect the balance in my life? Can I answer these questions honestly? If not, who can help me find the truth?

Then, you have to get to work. Every day. Wake up ready, get something accomplished, go to bed satisfied. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Adjust as necessary, find the truth always, get something accomplished every day.

I’m not sure the method is as important as the doing, especially at first. Just doing something that chips away at a goal is often enough to attain a goal. Might not be the most productive way to do something, but it’s usually, for most of us, enough to be productive, enough to produce good, repeatable, bankable results. Worrying the methods can get in the way of some productivity. Nike was right- Just do it.

Some of the demons and dragons I’m fighting: Daily advertising and improved qualifying processes, record-keeping and management processes. Changing my diet, exercise. Goal is to spend no more than 3 hours on either group of tasks, and to become efficient enough at everything to whittle them down to 4 hours per day. More if I choose, but I want it to be a choice, not necessity.

The “Why”. Everyone needs to know why they do whatever they do. Me? I want time. I am trying to create time.

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