Be fruitful and multiply

You can’t remember being born but I watched, awestruck and amazed with your determination, yes, and your beauty of course, but also of the things you did naturally. Things like learning, absorbing, growing, striving to enter the world on your own terms- as a baby you did that. You did it in part because of your own individual stubborn need to assert yourself into the world but more because we are born with a healthy and completely natural need to assert our selves into the world. These are survival skills that we cannot deny and to try to deny them is wholly unhealthy.

There are things we need in this life: Food, clothing, shelter in the physical, but there are also things we need that are baked into the cake of our DNA. Things like being productive, that is, productive problem solving. We need to produce, create, find solutions. That is us as healthy human beings and we cannot ignore this fact. Healthy humans are driven to be productive for themselves, to create their own lives and solve their own problems. We love doing this because it is what drives us. Perhaps it drives many animals on some level or another, but we can create solutions to our own problems and share them with others. That’s uniquely human and we see it in infants and young children who not only absorb tremendous amounts of information every single moment, but even babies insist on sharing most of what they’ve learned with the rest of the world. Fed, feedback. Fed information, feedback information, problems solved and production and creation accomplished: Be fruitful and multiply. When we are healthy, this is the process we each use to become both more wholly human and social, and more uniquely individual and independent. It’s obvious and delightful in children and necessary to growth as adults.

You are still that awesomely strong individual bursting with grit and determination. You still have those complex skills of information processing and sharing. You are as capable of success as any successful person before you, but, you are the only person who can know the best way for you to fulfill your own need to produce, create, share, propel your own beautiful self forward, and to focus on this is a gift. Be fruitful and multiply. Knowing and honoring your self is a gift to the world, of course, but it’s the one thing you can do to remain happy and healthy and is paramount to celebrating being alive and human.

The synergy of your self demands you fulfill this very basic need before you can fulfill any other. To produce and process and learn and create you must meet your own needs. Self-denial or self-submission is unhealthy and completely unnatural as we know from watching even newborns, who refuse to participate in such unnatural behavior. Revel in your own unique life as you did when you were born. Create a world for yourself, and your self, where you can be most happy and comfortable in your own skin and you can continue to blossom regardless of what is going on around you. That’s where you will find the place at which you can share your self with the rest of the world- fed and feedback; information in and creative growth out, that’s what we do: Be fruitful and multiply.

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