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All you have to do is register to get a FREE ebook of Sigyn’s face, Sigyn’s grace instantly, but for just one dollar more, you can get the next 13 weeks of Loki’s Love Letters, short romantic fiction to get any couple’s weekend off with a bang.

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Why should you commit? For oh-so-many reasons, but this simplest reason is simply this: If you and your best-beloved start your Friday simmering for each other, you’ll sizzle all weekend. Loki and his cherished wife Sigyn want to show you what married love looks like – so you two can demonstrate everything they’re missing.

Just a short read every Friday morning – 15 or 20 minutes – but your lives together may never be the same…

From Sigyn’s grace…

I love it that your surrender to me is so total, but I am endlessly amazed at how quickly and how completely you give yourself over to me. You are not powerless to resist me. If I did something stupid, surely you could marshall your resources and defend yourself. But you don’t want to…

Instead, you just want to swim in your own pleasure, and I don’t just want that, I want much, much more of it. I want you drenched, all but drowned, trusting me to keep you safe and coming, coming, coming.

Just one finger, but you are lost already. I can push my thumb forward to accost your clitoris, and you are trapped, pinched between two tiny pads of fingerflesh, my finger on your G-spot, by now fat like a little cherry, rippled like a walnut shell covered in slickened skin, my thumb on your clit, purple and thick like a tiny little cock. Just two fingers, one inside, one outside, and I own you. You can’t stop coming, and the intensity of your orgasms increases with each new contraction.

And then you open up completely – the inner walls of your vagina pulling away in all directions, the skin taut like the inside of a small balloon, a woosh of air sucked in by the vacuum – and you writhing, writhing, writhing, your pretty pussy so high up in the air, with my arm moving like an orchestra conductor’s to keep up with you, to stay inside you, to keep tormenting you.

What’s the secret to a perfect – and perfectly endless – female orgasm? Don’t stop. As long as I keep teasing you, you will come forever. We’ve never pushed it until you faint or pass out, but that seems possible to me. You sometimes make me stop when you’ve had more pleasure than your body can physically bear – and I study these events so that I can tiptoe right up to that threshold without quite tripping over it. But if I can tease you just enough – just almost too much – I can tease you forever, and you’ll just keep coming until I stop.

About Loki’s Love Letters…

What if it were possible to write a romantic fiction that would be enthralling to both men and women?

Welcome to the erotica romantica, a new way of thinking about the literature of love-making – not documenting the shame of robotic strangers but instead rhapsodizing the consecrating, sanctifying glory of the most completely-human of lovers – man and wife.

This is the love of Loki and Sigyn, who I hope look a lot like you and your best-beloved. This is the love of the very best of friends, the most perfectly-committed of lovers, the love the two of you express when you are most in love.

Share these stories with your lover and the love you share afterward will be worth a story of its own.

If you like this little book, review it on, gift it and talk about it with your friends.

And stay tuned. There is more to come…

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